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  • Soil Mixes

    Soil Mix Recipes and Available Ingredients

    Soil HandsThe following recipes are our standard soil mixes. The amounts listed are per cubic yard of soil. If you have special requirements please contact us. We can custom mix to your specifications. Please refer to the Bulk Ingredients and Nutrients tabs below to see a list of ingredients that we maintain in stock. We can also purchase ingredients from local vendors or use ingredients that you provide.

    For soil orders of less than one cubic yard please call to discuss special arrangements.


    IngredientPer Cubic Yard of Soil
    Plaster Sand13.50 cu. ft.
    Bark6.75 cu. ft.
    Peat Moss6.75 cu. ft.
    Equipment1.00 hr.
    Repair/Maintenance1.00 ea.
    Labor1.00 ea.
    Copper0.11 lb.
    Iron0.13 lb.
    Magnesium0.07 lb.
    Manganese0.03 lb.
    Zinc0.05 lb.
    KNO30.25 lb.
    Phosphate1.50 lb.
    Potash0.25 lb.
    Cost per cu. yd: 142.08

    Soil Mixing

    Agricultural Operations mixes soil (root zone media) for greenhouse and field research. Soil can be delivered in one or two cubic yard capacity soil trailers.

    We can also dump deliver soil orders to your specified location in any quantity.

    Please refer to the Soil Mix Recipe/Ingredient tabs above for a list of our standard mixes, ingredients kept in stock, and ingredients readily available through local vendors. We can also custom mix to your specific requirements. For the orders to be custom mixed we would like to meet with the researcher to assure accurate proportion. Soil Orders are typically pasteurized with full or aerated steam, depending on your requirements. You can order soil from us by completing a Soil Work Order and submitting it online or forwarding it to our office. Place your order at least a week prior to your desired delivery date. Please note that soil trailers left at the delivery site are subject to a demurrage fee 30 days after soil delivery.

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